Presenting in the Rough

Presenting in the Rough 2020

Are you a doctoral student or faculty member looking for ways to dynamically present your research to a variety of audiences?

The purpose of this PDW is to bring together a group of scholars who are interested in finding new, innovative, and compelling ways to craft and deliver presentations. The PDW will be conducted in three parts—a series of presentations, a moderated discussion, and breakout discussions. The theme for this year’s PDW is “Using storytelling to enhance your presentations.” Panelists will present on specific topics such as using stories to set the “hook” and to present qualitative data, incorporating your own personal story and the life stories of research participants, and integrating compelling visual figures. At the end of the workshop, we hope participants leave with a set of strategies to improve their presenting.

The following scholars will serve as panelists:

  • Blake Ashforth (Arizona State University)
  • Sally Maitlis (University of Oxford)
  • Ryan Raffaelli (Harvard Business School)
  • Ashleigh Shelby Rosette (Duke University)


Anyone who wants to improve or touch up on their presentation skills.

When and Where?



No preregistration is required.


Organized by:

  • Bess Rouse (Boston College)
  • Matthew Grimes (Cambridge Judge Business School)