Presenting in the Rough

It’s the 3rd Annual Presenting in the Rough!!!

Presentation skills play a central role in the dissemination of knowledge. Are you a doctoral student or faculty member who studies cognition in organizations and are looking for ways to dynamically present your research to a variety of audiences (researchers, practitioners, or the general public)? The purpose of this PDW is to bring together a group of scholars who are interested in finding new, innovative, and compelling ways to craft and deliver presentations. The PDW will be conducted in three parts—a series of presentations, a moderated discussion, and a question and answer session with the audience. Panelists — many of whom have won teaching awards and have experience presenting in front of audiences of varying types and sizes—will present on a specific topic related to the art and science of presenting. Topics will likely include presentation best practices, effective presentation of data, approaching the job market, job market do’s and don’ts, and speaking to practice and for impact. Panelists will discuss rules-of-thumb that they use to determine how to communicate their knowledge during the different phases of a presentation. They will also talk about common traps and how to avoid them. At the end of the workshop, we hope participants leave with a set of strategies to improve their presenting. Toward that end, the workshop will be especially useful for those who are early in their careers or may not currently categorize themselves as polished presenters. With that said, we welcome those who are already comfortable with presenting and in search of new ideas. We plan for this to be an enriching PDW with a lively, interactive, and relaxed atmosphere.

The following scholars will serve as panelists:

  • Sue Ashford (University of Michigan)
  • Blake Ashforth (Arizona State University)
  • Rachel Arnett (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Drew Carton (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Katy DeCelles (University of Toronto)

Anyone who wants to improve or touch up on their presentation skills.

No preregistration is required. Feel free to stop by for the session!