Presenting in the Rough

Presenting in the Rough 2022


Are you a doctoral student or faculty member looking for ways to dynamically present your research to a variety of audiences?


This PDW offers participants an opportunity to hear from both academics and practitioners, focusing on practicing and crafting effective presentations. The theme for this year is “The Art of the Academic Job Talk” and will include virtual synchronous presentations from experts and an interactive discussion.

The session will include a panel discussion, integrating insights from academics and learnings from other industries that focus on presentation skills, followed by small group breakout rooms. Separately, there will be several slots available by application to work with the practitioner coaches.



Michael Kraus, Yale University

Jennifer Petriglieri, INSEAD


Practitioner coaches:

Christianne Klein, TV anchor

Robin Steegman, actress

Eugene Washington Walker, actor/academic

Anyone who wants to improve or touch up on their presentation skills.

When and Where?
August 6th (Saturday), 8-10am.

No preregistration is required. However, for PhD students who are interested in a 30-minute slot with one of the practitioner coaches, please register here before July 1st. There will be a total of 9 slots available, 3 with each coach. Preference will be given to those on the job market. 

Organized by:

Chia-Jung Tsay (UW-Madison and UCL)