Presenting in the Rough

It’s the 2nd Annual Presenting in the Rough!!!

Presentation skills play a central role in the dissemination of knowledge. Are you a doctoral student or faculty member looking for ways to dynamically present your research to a variety of audiences (researchers, practitioners, students, or the general public)? The purpose of this PDW is to bring together a group of scholars who are interested in finding new, innovative, and compelling ways to craft and deliver presentations. The PDW will be conducted in three parts. First, participants will hear tips and tricks from a panel of scholars who have refined the art of dynamic presentations, including how to use powerpoint slides in a way that enhances a presentation (rather than triggering the dreaded “death by powerpoint”), how to structure and sequence a seminar, and how to effectively use body language and voice projection. Second, we will hold a panel in which both facilitators and the audience will ask questions to panelists about the nuances of great presentations. In a third (optional) part of the PDW participants will work on implementing what they have learned by preparing and practicing a one minute presentation in small groups in order to get feedback on their presentation style. Since surveys show that public speaking is a common fear, we will tailor this part of the workshop to be a safe place in which participants can experiment with new ways of presenting and perhaps take risks to find out what works best for them (and build confidence at the same time). Toward that end, this part of the session will be especially useful for those who may not currently categorize themselves as polished presenters. With that said, we welcome those who are already comfortable with presenting and in search of new ideas. We plan for this to be an enriching PDW with a lively, interactive, and relaxed atmosphere. Our objective is for participants to leave the workshop with an expanded portfolio of presentation techniques.

Anyone who wants to improve or touch up on their presentation skills.

No preregistration is required. Feel free to stop by for the session!