Cognition in the Rough

Join us for the 25th Annual Cognition in the Rough Workshop!

Are you working on cognition-related research? Would you like to discuss your work with major scholars in the field? Now is the time to prepare for the 25th annual “Cognition In The Rough” workshop to be held as part of the Academy of Management conference in August. Please see below for more information, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Representatives-at-Large, Sophie Leroy ( and Winnie Jiang (


This year, CIR will have two components.

  • To celebrate the quadranscentennial milestone of CIR, we will hold a 90-minute hybrid session during the conference, with possibility of attending in person or virtually. You will have the opportunity to meet with all the facilitators. This component will include tips and reflections from facilitators in advancing research past the CIR stage and panel discussions on MOC research (past, present, future) through the lens of CIR. This session requires pre-registration.


  • In addition, you will engage in our usual informal and collegial roundtable workshop, which will take place virtually. Paper submission and selection will proceed as usual, and accepted papers will be grouped into virtual “tables” for discussion with leading scholars in MOC. We will then email each table group (2-3 facilitators and 3-5 paper authors), who will find a mutually agreed upon time/date for their group to meet and discuss the authors’ papers. This meeting time will be during early August, but does NOT have to take place during the official Academy session. Each table group will self-organize, including creating a Zoom link for their meeting. We expect that the experience for authors and facilitators will be similar to that of the traditional in-person roundtables, just conducted virtually. Our goal is to maintain the high-quality feedback and engagement that has made CIR famous over the years, and to be sure that authors and facilitators have a positive, developmental experience.

CIR Roundtable Session Details


Cognition in the Rough workshop (CIR) provides an excellent opportunity to discuss your research in an informal, collegial roundtable setting. CIR is intended to help scholars develop a research paper. Each roundtable will have 2-3 facilitators to give feedback on 3-5 early-stage research papers, allowing plenty of time for discussion. Regardless of whether you are a senior or a more junior researcher, this workshop offers you an invaluable opportunity to receive detailed feedback from scholars who are often editors or on the editorial board of top journals.

In particular, many past CIR participants have emphasized how much they have benefited from their participation in the workshop in terms of developing their theoretical models and their planned methodology. This feedback has been instrumental in helping them further develop and polish their research for publication in top academic journals.

Whether this is your first major research project or your fiftieth, this is a chance you won’t want to miss!

We are very pleased that the following scholars have agreed to participate:

Neal Ashkanasy, Michelle Barton, Andrea Casey, Marlys Christianson, Kevin Corley, Erik Dane, Colin Fisher, Margaret Gorman, Gerard Hodgkinson, Jennifer Kish-Gephart, Theresa Lant, Nora Madjar, Sean Martin, Luis Martins, Stephen Mezias, Chet Miller, Frances Milliken, Kevin Rockmann, Naomi Rothman, Sim Sitkin, David Sluss, Subra Tangirala, Jeff Thompson.


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Submission Information



Registering for this year’s CIR Roundtable Session begins with submitting a paper proposal for review (proposal submission information below). Proposals are reviewed by the CIR organizers and authors of accepted proposals are notified and provided with registration information for the session soon after the close date for submissions. All of the accepted proposals are then assigned to tables/facilitators by topic, interest, and availability, and table rosters are sent to facilitators and authors shortly before the conference session.

Open for submission – MAY 8, 2022; close date – JUNE 30, 2022
Send submissions to:

The CIR Roundtable Session is open to junior and senior scholars who are doing research related to managerial and organizational cognition. Pre-registration for this session is required and space is limited. Submissions will be evaluated to ensure fit with the session and priority will be given to early submissions and first-time attendees. Given space constraints, the expectation for this workshop is that, even for co-authored papers with multiple authors, only one author will attend the workshop to represent the paper. This PDW is intended to help authors develop work in progress and, as a result, we cannot accept papers that have already been accepted for presentation elsewhere at the AOM 2022 Annual Meeting. Please review and follow the submission guidelines carefully.

Your paper submission should include the following five sections:

1) Title page: On the title page, in addition to the paper’s title and the names and affiliations of the authors, please also indicate whether each author is a doctoral student or faculty member.

2) Brief abstract (not to exceed 150 words) and four keywords (selected from this list). Please rank the four keywords you select in order of importance (1=most important).

3) Overview of research (not to exceed 1500 words), including:
– Research topic
– Conceptual framework
– Research question
– Methods
– Anticipated contributions to research/practice or key findings (if research is complete)

4) Challenges (the area on which you would like to focus discussion) (not to exceed 250 words).

5) References