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Question on OP/OB literature of Behavior vs Cognition

  • 1.  Question on OP/OB literature of Behavior vs Cognition

    Posted 03-16-2023 18:25

    Hello, everyone. I'm seeking literature/thoughts on this question of cognition and behavior.

    I recently enjoyed an article (Levitis et al., 2009) that highlights discrepancies in how behavioral biologists conceptualize behavior. They did a survey of behavioral biologists, in which respondents indicated their definitions of behavior.

    Is anyone aware of any similar studies done on scholars of organizational behavior? I'm not having much luck finding literature on this. So far, all I have is a JOB article by Heath and Sitkin (2001), but they don't define behavior.

    (If you're curious: I'm asking because I suspect there is a compelling argument to be made in favor of promoting greater clarity among scholars of OP/OB on the constitutive definition of behavior. It seems behavior is often [implicitly] conceptualized as something that is distinct from [yet related to] cognition; whereas broader definitions of behavior include cognition.)

    Thank you in advance.

    --Moses Rivera


    • Levitis, D. A., Lidicker, W. Z., & Freund, G. (2009). Behavioural biologists do not agree on what constitutes behaviour. Animal Behaviour, 78(1), 103–110. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.anbehav.2009.03.018
    • Heath, C., & Sitkin, S. B. (2001). Big-B versus Big-O: What is organizational about organizational behavior?*. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 22(1), 43–58. https://doi.org/10.1002/job.77

    Moses Rivera
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