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First Edition of "MOC Conversations," Featuring Chris Myers

  • 1.  First Edition of "MOC Conversations," Featuring Chris Myers

    Posted 10-13-2022 13:24
    We invite you to watch the first in a new series being posted by the Communications team at MOC, "MOC Conversations." The purpose of this series is to give MOC researchers a forum for sharing the often interesting and hidden backstories of their published research.

    Our first MOC Conversation features long-time MOC member Chris Myers. Chris talked about his recent article in ASQ about storytelling as a tool for vicarious learning in air medical transport crews. (Special thanks to Devin Rapp and Matt Hughey from the University of Utah for interviewing Chris.) 
    Chris describes how his paper started in a qualitative research seminar in graduate school and was finally published about a decade later. It is the kind of story that all of us, but especially doctoral students and junior scholars, should hear as a realistic account of how nonlinear the research process (including very successful research) can actually be.
    We would love your help in spreading the word! Below is the link to MOC's Twitter entry, if you wouldn't mind sharing this with your colleagues and/or posting about this in your social media: 
    As we look to set up future episodes, please let us know if you know of an MOC member who has published recent research with a potentially interesting backstory. You can reach the MOC Communications team at Alex Bolinger at boliale2@isu.edu and Devin Rapp at devinjrapp@gmail.com.

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