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EOS Masterclass - Pantelis Analytis (SDU) - 19 March - Online platforms for simulating competitions

  • 1.  EOS Masterclass - Pantelis Analytis (SDU) - 19 March - Online platforms for simulating competitions

    Posted 02-26-2024 12:35


    We will have our next EOS Masterclass on March 19, 2024 and will welcome

    Pantelis P. Analytis
    March 19 · 3 PM UTC (10 AM ET/ 4 PM CET)
    Online platforms for simulating competitions

    Pantelis will present a platform for running competitions among creative "producers" on matters of taste (e.g. logos, photos, tattoo designs, etc.). The data acquired from the platform will be used for simulating competitions in silico and studying how the composition of selection committees alters (i) the representativeness of awards for different audiences, (ii) the chances of winning for different submissions and (iii) the fairness implications of committee decisions. In the masterclass, we will discuss how competitions may correspond to high-stake and very selective committee decisions within organizations (e.g. hiring executives).

    Why do we think this is cool?
    •    Method-wise this is cool as it is at the intersection of (controlled) lab experiments and (more realistic) field experiments
    •    Studying competitions in this format allows for cool data
    •    Pantelis is cool! He has a background in Psychology and Information Science and works now in the fields of Cognitive Science and Computational Social Science

    You can register for the session at the following link:


    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. We will share a Google doc link to collect questions about one week before the seminar. Of course, spontaneous questions during the Masterclass are also welcome.

    To sign up for our mailing list or to learn more about EOS, please visit our website:


    Until then, please do not hesitate to reach out with any question!


    Franziska Lauenstein, Thorsten Wahle, and Jerry Guo

    Jerry Guo
    Assistant Professor of Strategy
    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management