Work Interrupted

Work Interrupted: A Conversation with Social and Organizational Scientists on
Work Interruptions and How to Get Work Done in this New World of Work

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In partnership with the Vistex Institute for Executive Learning and Research, Lehigh University College of Business, we host a virtual conversation about “Work Interrupted” with four amazing scholars: Marlys Christianson, Erik Dane, Sophie Leroy, and Shimul Melwani.

Session organizers and moderators: Brianna Caza, and Naomi Rothman

Academic Articles

Barton MA, Christianson M, Myers CG, et al Resilience in action: leading for resilience in response to COVID-19 BMJ Leader.

  • Resilience in the face of crisis, which talks about creating good interruptions. 

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TED Talks

Adam Alter: “Why Our Screens Make Us Less Happy”: 

Cal Newport: “Why You Should Quit Social Media”:

Practitioner oriented Articles

Barton and Sutcliffe’s MIT Sloan Review article:

Leroy, S. and Glomb, T. “A Plan for Managing (Constant) Interruptions at work”

NBC News, February 21, 2018. A better way to deal with those constant interruptions

Cal Newport article on remote work:


The David Pakman Show, June 2019: There's No Such Thing as Multitasking

Podcast/audio interview: Quartz, Fall 2018: The productivity paradox

TV interview: King 5, Seattle, February 12, 2018: Stay on task with a plan for productivity