Positive Communication

The Art of Positive Communication: Six Practices to Create Connection and Lead Effectively
 Positive Links Speaker Series

In partnership with the Center for Positive Organizations, we will host a virtual conversation about Positive Communications with Julien Mirivel. This session is an introduction to the art of positive communication. It is based on the premise that the “spoken word, spoken honorably and well, can make a difference that no other form of communication can equal.” In it, you will learn six critical behaviors that will improve your capacity for connecting with others, help you foster high-quality relationships, and lead others positively.

Framed by powerful stories and a practical model of communication you can use today, the session will invite you to transform your own communication and thereby create your own best moments as a person and a leader

Session Host: Amy Young.

JANUARY 25, 2021
3:00-4:00 PM. ET
Virtual panel discussion
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