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Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling - New Structured Course

  • 1.  Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling - New Structured Course

    Posted 04-20-2023 19:23
    Hello everyone
    Instats presents Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling, a new 6-day series of three seminars taught by Michael Zyphur. This series is available immediately for on-demand access.
    This comprehensive series of seminars offer a complete introduction to multilevel modeling in Mplus, guiding you from basic multilevel/hierarchical data concepts to advanced multilevel modeling applications including multilevel SEM, multilevel location-scale SEM, and dynamic SEM. Each of the three seminars in this series offers 2 full days of content -- originally run for 6 hours per day, with over 30 total hours of instruction. Real data are used for all examples, including in-class exercises, take-home skill challenges, and over 100 examples that you can apply in your own research.

    By the conclusion of these seminars your research will be improved by having a deep understanding of:

    • The fundamental conceptual logic of multilevel models
    • The basis for within- and between-group variance decompositions
    • The logic of multilevel regression and multilevel SEM
    • The nature of random intercepts, random slopes, and random variances
    • How to test multilevel effects, including multilevel mediation and moderation
    • Latent variable interactions in a multilevel context
    • The logic and practice of lagged versus static effects models
    • Multilevel autoregressive and cross-lagged effects models
    • Short-run versus long-run effects modeling in longitudinal models
    Please share and consider signing up to this seminar with Instats, the most advanced technology platform in the world for PhD and Post-PhD research methods education. If you would like to offer research methods content on the Instats platform, please get in touch with us today at info@instats.org -- we'd love to chat!
    Best wishes and happy modeling
    Michael Zyphur
    Institute for Statistical and Data Science

    Michael Zyphur
    UQ Business School
    University of Queensland