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EGOS 2023: Qualitative Research with Archival Data

  • 1.  EGOS 2023: Qualitative Research with Archival Data

    Posted 11-14-2022 00:26
    Do you do qualitative research with archival data? Do you struggle with how to integrate digital data, such as emails, social media posts and company reports. into your qualitative paper? Then please join us for our 2023 EGOS sub-theme 64, July 6-7, in beautiful Cagliari, Italy. 

    The first goal of this sub-theme is to create a community of qualitative scholars engaged in with archival methods. Second, we aim to begin a collective conversation about the tools, techniques, and best practices that we need to tackle to collect, analyze, and theorize archival data. Studies in this track may include, but are not restricted to theoretical or empirical papers that cover these topics:

    • Reflections and/or proposed techniques for using archival methods

      Studies drawing on historical archives;

      Studies that rely on contemporaneous and dynamic archives, such as a currently unfolding or ongoing event, e.g., "whistleblower files";

    • Studies drawing on digital data, such as online discussion forums, social media, "digital ethnographies" or other sources;

    • Studies that focus on archives from a single organization, place, or single event; as well as studies that draw from multiple organizations, broad industries or field, or connect various events together;

    • Studies that use archives as a primary data source, and supplement or combine it with first-hand sources (interviews or ethnographies).

    You can read more about the sub-theme and submit your short paper here:  

    We look forward to seeing you in Cagliari!

    Stine Grodal, Northeastern University
    Anders Dahl Krabbe, University College London
    Micah Rajunov, Boston University