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AOM 2022 presidential address: This is OUR celebration!

  • 1.  AOM 2022 presidential address: This is OUR celebration!

    Posted 08-08-2022 18:45

    Dear AOM Friends:

    By popular demand, here is the video recording of the AOM 2022 presidential address featuring dancing, singing, and celebrating being back together!

    • https://2022.aom.org/meetings/virtual/hGjW8uNP4TuJosiZ6

    Congratulations to our award recipients Ann Langley, John Hollenbeck, Alan Meyer, & Henry Chesbrough. Thank you Christopher Tucci Christine Quinn Trank Amy Hillman Quinetta Roberson Sharon A. Alvarez Peter Bamberger Lucy Gilson Tammy L Madsen Tima Bansal Cynthia E. Devers Ingrid Fulmer Deanne Den Hartog Morten Huse Keld Laursen Isabel Metz Nelson Phillips Irene Henriques Mary Tripsas Sabine Hoidn for your leadership!

    All the best,


    Herman Aguinis, Ph.D.
    President, Academy of Management
    Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar & Department of Management Chair
    The George Washington University School of Business
    Washington, DC