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2nd session of the Paradox R&R group

  • 1.  2nd session of the Paradox R&R group

    Posted 11-14-2022 00:26

    Dear colleagues,

    We would like to invite to you to participate in the 2nd session of the Paradox R&R group. With this group we aim to provide a platform to discuss papers that are at advanced stages in the revision process. The goal is to help scholars from the field to publish their work on paradox in high quality academic journals. The next session will be held online on November 30th  at 12:00 (California) 15:00 (New York) 21:00 (Paris) and 6:00 (Sydney, Dec 1st ). Application deadline by November 17th

    This upcoming session will be sponsored by Bayes Business School and Paula Jarzabkowski. Paula will serve as the initial discussant for the papers.

    The session will be held online on Wednesday Nov 30th at 12:00 (California) 15:00 (New York) 21:00 (Paris) and 6:00 (Sydney, Dec 1st). The 3-hour event will host about 10-15 participants. Two or three papers will be discussed. Each paper will be assigned to a one-hour time slot. After a brief presentation (10 minutes) of the main challenges regarding the revision process of the paper by the author(s), a discussant gives their view before the general discussion is opened. Paula Jarzabkowski will serve as the initial discussant for this session.

    All participants receive the papers as well as the review reports and the editorial letter before each session and are expected to have read these documents beforehand. The focus of the discussion is how to deal with reviewer and editorial comments to improve the papers and increase likelihood of acceptance of the papers. We aim to have sessions characterized by a non-competitive, constructive working atmosphere in order to help each other with the development and publication of papers on paradox in high quality journals.

    The session will be facilitated by a group of the following core members:

    • Wendy Smith (University of Delaware, USA)
    • Tobias Hahn (ESADE Business School Barcelona, Spain)
    • Garima Sharma (American University - Kogod School of Business, USA)
    • Josh Keller (University of New South Wales, Australia)
    • Paula Jarzabkowski (University of Queensland, Australia & Bayes Business School, UK)
    • Natalie Slawinski (University of Victoria, Canada)
    • Harald Tuckerman (University of St Gallen, Switzerland)
    • Rebecca Bednarek (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
    • Simone Carmine (University of Padova, Italy)
    • Vontrese Deeds Pamphile (George Washington University, USA)
    • Camille Pradies (EDHEC Business School, France)

    How to Apply
    Apply by November 17th:
    If you have a paper at the "revise & resubmit" stage, preferably with a journal that is at least ranked 3 in the ABS list, we would like to encourage you to participate in the first session. If you are interested please respond to this email by contacting the Paradox R&R group coordinators Camille Pradies (camille.pradies@edhec.edu) and Voni Pamphile (vpamphile@email.gwu.edu).

    In text of your email, please specify the following points
    - Authors of the paper and affiliation
    - Title of the paper
    - Journal in which the R&R was received
    - Resubmission deadline
    - Please attach your paper as well as the decision letter including the reviewer reports.
    To maximize the usefulness of this session we suggest submitting the current draft of the manuscript (i.e., the version you are currently drafting for revision), however the R&R submission (i.e., the manuscript that received the R&R) is also acceptable.

    All submissions will of course be treated confidentially and only be shared with the participants of the session.

    Please feel free to pass on this invitation to colleagues who might be interested in participating. We hope you will be part of this initiative and look forward to seeing you soon.


    Voni & Camille

    Camille Pradies
    EDHEC Business School
    Roubaix CS50411
    + 33 (0)3 20 15 44 47