Testimonial for RIR

Testimonials for “Reviewing in the Rough” Series

Suzanne Masterson

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Organizational Behavior
Professor of Management, and Doctoral Program Director
Carl H. Lindner College of Business
University of Cincinnati

I’ve been a table facilitator for “Reviewing in the Rough” for the past several years, and it’s been a terrific experience. As a journal action editor, I think it is important for academics to learn how to perform constructive reviews, and that’s what this session aims to do. Reviewing is an essential component of our profession, and I honestly believe that reviewing others’ research helps us to better conduct and write our own research. Through the opening panel presentations, participants hear from both experienced reviewers and journal editors, and get some inside insight on what makes for good reviews. Through the experience of reading a first submission to a journal and writing a review for that submission, participants get feedback on their own reviewing skills and suggestions for how they might improve them in the future. Finally, through hearing an author talk about how the reviewed paper changed through the review process from initial submission to publication, participants can gain even more insight into reviewing from both the author and reviewer perspective. I’d suggest that doctoral students, junior faculty members, and others who are just getting involved in the reviewing process consider participating in Reviewing in the Rough. To get the most out of it, participants should be sure to read the assigned article and write a review as if they were conducting it for a journal (so they can get good quality feedback from their facilitators), and come prepared with questions they’ve always wanted to know about the review process. It’s a fun, interactive session, and I look forward to continuing to participate!