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A friendly reminder: Virtual 2020 AOM PDW on "Experiments in Institutional Theory and Strategy Research"

  • 1.  A friendly reminder: Virtual 2020 AOM PDW on "Experiments in Institutional Theory and Strategy Research"

    Posted 07-27-2020 12:28
    Dear Colleagues,

    This is just a friendly reminder of an approaching deadline for work-in-progress paper submissions to the Virtual 2020 AOM PDW on "Experiments in Institutional Theory and Strategy Research".

    Call for Submissions to the virtual 2020 AOM Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on "Experiments in Institutional Theory and Strategy Research"

    The PDW is aimed at advancing experimental research on institutions and strategy by encouraging dialogue between theorists and experimentalists from different disciplinary backgrounds. Specifically, the workshop consists of two segments.

    (1) The first segment begins with a panel discussion addressing the potential of experimental paradigms and measures to facilitate novel research on institutions and strategy and providing an overview of recent contributions of experimental methods to the advancement of knowledge in institutional theory and strategy research.

    (2) After a short break, the second segment of the program consists of a paper development workshop. Here, the facilitators provide in-depth feedback on work-in-progress research submitted in advance by workshop participants. Similar papers will be clustered together (based on topic) and will be discussed in small groups. Papers should be related to the workshop theme and can be in various developmental stages; both proposals and full manuscripts will be considered.

    If you are interested in participating in the second segment (paper development), please submit your work by email to alex.bitektine@concordia.ca no later than July 29, 2020. Note that you may, of course, participate in only one of the two segments if you wish.


    Friday, August 7, 1:00-3:00pm EDT

    "Real-time Open" virtual session

    Alex Bitektine, JMSB-Concordia University

    Oliver Schilke, University of Arizona


    John Antonakis, U. of Lausanne

    Linda Argote, Carnegie Mellon U.

    Ryan Krause, Texas Christian U.

    Daniella Laureiro-Martínez, ETH Zürich

    Tyler Wry, U. of Pennsylvania

    Annual Meeting registration is not required to contribute material for your session. However, you must be an AOM member and registered for the Annual Meeting to participate in sessions once they start on Friday, 7 August.

    Alex Bitektine
    JMSB, Concordia University
    (514) 848-2424 x5911