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GOM New Issue and Special Conceptual Issue 2022 Call for Proposals

  • 1.  GOM New Issue and Special Conceptual Issue 2022 Call for Proposals

    Posted 03-02-2021 09:07
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    I'd like to introduce the new editorial team for Group & Organization Management, the table of contents for the February issue, and the Special Conceptual Issue 2022 Call for Proposals (please see attached).

    As a journal, we are looking for papers that contribute to conversations ranging from micro-OB to strategy by making a strong theoretical contribution (with acceptable methods) OR through strong methods (coupled with an adequate theoretical contribution) OR that have a balance of both. We are particularly excited about papers that (1) bridge macro and micro theories and levels of analysis; (2) draw upon understudied and vulnerable workers to address difficult-to-answer questions that have been overlooked in the organizational sciences; (3) are based on social network theories and methodologies; (4) advance our understanding of groups and teams; (5) address entrepreneurship; and (6) review and integrate literatures thereby making conceptual advancements. We consider review and conceptual articles both in our special conceptual issue and as regular articles in the journal. Since our team started in July 2020, our average time to first decision is 21 days (2-year IF 2.527; 5 year IF 4.159).

    Our team includes:

    Editor: Tom Zagenczyk, Clemson U., USA

    Senior Associate Editor: Lucy Gilson, U. of Connecticut, USA

    Methods Editors:

    • Hettie Richardson, Texas Christian U., USA
    • Brian Miller, Texas State U., USA
    • Stacey Kessler, Kennesaw State U., USA

    Associate Editors:

    • Luke Zhu, York U., CA
    • James Vardaman, U. of Memphis, USA
    • Mindy Shoss, U. of Central Florida, USA
    • Yuhyung Shin, Hanyang U., KR
    • Rosalinde Searle, U. of Glasgow, UK
    • Simon L. D. Restubog, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
    • Kristin Scott, Clemson U., USA
    • Devaki Rau, Northern Illinois U., USA
    • Tammy Rapp, U. of Ohio, USA
    • Jonathan Pinto, Imperial College, UK
    • Curt Moore, Oklahoma State U., USA
    • Jeremy Meuser, U. of Mississippi, USA
    • Michael Kukenberger, U. of New Hampshire, USA
    • Donald Kluemper, U. of Illinois at Chicago, USA
    • Christian Kiewitz, U. of Dayton, USA
    • Deanna M. Kennedy, U. of Washington Bothell, USA
    • Anya Johnson, U. of Sydney, AU
    • Yannick Griep, Radboud U., NL
    • Rich DeJordy, Cal State Fullerton, USA
    • Kevin S. Cruz, U. of Richmond, USA
    • Jianhong Chen, U of New Hampshire, USA
    • Tine Buyl, Tilburg U., NL
    • Layla Branicki, Open U., UK
    • Richard Benton, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
    • Sarah Bankins, Macquarie U., USA

    FEBRUARY TABLE OF CONTENTS (Volume 46, Issue 1) 

    The Conflicting Impact of COVID-19's Health and Economic Crises on Helping

    Mindy K. Shoss, Kristin A. Horan, Michael DiStaso, Chelsea A. LeNoble and Anthony Naranjo

    To Get Vaccinated or Not? Psychological Safety as a Catalyst for the Alignment Between Individual Beliefs and Behavior

    Manuel Stuhlinger, Jan B. Schmutz, Gudela Grote, Dunja Nicca, and Domenica Flury

    It's a Matter of Time: The Role of Temporal Perceptions in Emotional Experiences of Work Interruptions

    Elena Feldman and David Greenway

    Increasing Career Advancement Opportunities Through Sponsorship: An Identity-Based Model with Illustrative Application to Cross-Race Mentorship of African Americans

    Amy E. Randel, Benjamin M. Galvin, Christina B. Gibson, and Sharifa I. Batts

    "No matter what business you're in, it's a people business. It's all about talent and people."
    ~ Rick Hendrick, founder of Hendrick Motorsports

    Kevin S. Cruz, Ph.D.
    Associate Editor, Group & Organization Management