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MOC Awards Announcement

  • 1.  MOC Awards Announcement

    Posted 07-31-2020 17:10

    The MOC Division is pleased to announce our 2020 award recipients. Let's give a virtual round of applause for our winners, and all of those nominated.

    MOC's awards will be presented in-person at AOM 2021. 

    The 2020 MOC Division Award Winners are:

    MOC Distinguished Scholar Award


    2020 MOC Distinguished Scholar Award Recipient:

    James P. Walsh, A.F. Thurnau Professor, Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration, University of Michigan.


    The MOC Distinguished Scholar Award, established in 2002, recognizes senior scholars in our field who have made exceptional contributions to understanding individual, relational, and collective cognition in organizational contexts throughout their careers. To be eligible for the award, an individual must first be a truly distinguished scholar. She or he must have conducted research that has had a significant influence in the field by publishing high-impact articles in the very best journals.  Second, he or she must have contributed to our field through service by holding a leadership position with the MOC division or the Academy, by serving as an editor of leading journals, and/or being an exceptional mentor for doctoral students. Finally, the individual must have completed his or her PhD at least twenty years ago.

    Professor Walsh's Accomplishments

    • PhD from Northwestern University (1985)
    • Former President of the Academy of Management;
    • Past Chair of MOC (an interest group rather than a division at the time);
    • Founding co-Editor of the Academy of Management Annals;
    • Former Associate Editor of Organization Science and Strategic Management Journal;
    • Published research in Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and the Journal of Management, among others. 

    MOC Best Student-Led Paper Award


    2020 MOC Best Student-Led Paper Award Recipient:

    "The Impact of Customer Creativity on Service Employees: An Emotional Appraisal Perspective"

    Randy Xue Ren Lee, Pok Man Tang, Anthony Klotz, Remus Ilies, & Shawn T. McClean

    This award includes a plaque and an honorarium for the winner. 

    A special thanks to the awards committee: Teresa Cardador, Kevin Rockmann, Colin Fisher, Daniel Mack, Cristiano Guarana, Ludvig Levasseur


    MOC Best Paper with Practical Implications Award

    2020 MOC Best Paper with Practical Implications Award Recipients:

    "Algorithmic Decision Making Undermines Affective Commitment"

    Chunchen Xu and Arthur S. Jago

    The award is sponsored by the Behavioral Science and Policy Association and includes a plaque and an honorarium for the winner. 

    A special thanks to the awards committee: Morela Hernandez, Elizabeth George, Sarah Green Carmichael, Chris Myers, and Erica Johnson


    MOC Best Symposium Award

    2020 MOC Best Symposium Award Recipients:

                "Routines and Sensemaking: Strengthening Connections, Extending Theory" 

    Organizer: Brian Hilligoss

    Discussants: Jorgen Sandberg and Martha S. Feldman

    Participants:  Timothy J. Vogus, Curtis LeBaron, Claus, Rerup, Morten S. Vendelo, Marlys Christianson

    The award includes a plaque and an honorarium for the winner, sponsored by the MOC division.

    A special thanks to the awards committee: Pauline Schilpzand, Herman Tse, Lee Watkiss, Young-Chul Jeong, Sophie Leroy, Patricia Staats 


    MOC Best Paper Award

    2020 MOC Best Paper Award Recipients: 

    "Obliteration by Divergence in Scientific Networks: The Case of Ego Depletion"

    Mustafa Akben and Ravi S. Kudesia

    The award includes a plaque and an honorarium for the winner, sponsored by the MOC division.

    A special thanks to the awards committee: Brianna Caza, Karoline Strauss, Shelley Brickson, Kira Schabram, Alyson Meister & S. Mercedes McBride-Walker


    MOC Best Paper Awards in Entrepreneurial Cognition (*New Awards in 2020)

    Award winners will be announced @ AOM, Entrepreneurial Cognition PDW, Saturday 4:00-5:30 PM EST

    Visit https://moc.aom.org/entcognitionpdw to see short presentations from each of the finalists!

    MOC Best Student Paper in Entrepreneurial Cognition Finalists:

    • Jungsoo Ahn, Ivey, "Dazed and Confused: Unpacking the Ambivalent Effect of Category Straddling on Audience Appeal among Blockchain Ventures"
    • Mara Guerra, Imperial University, "Entry in Misfit Markets: Evidence from the Solar Photovoltaic Industry"
    • Moran Lazar, Technion, "Forming new venture teams: The benefits of mixing business and relationships"
    • Amisha Miller, Boston University, "Translating External Advice into Action: How Learning Informs Entrepreneurial Strategy"
    • Shi Tang, University of Cambridge, "CEO Temporal Ambivalence: The Dual Pathway to Firm Ambidextrous Innovation"
    • Amy Zhao-Ding, Insead, "Product Experience and Learning to Identify Opportunities: Evidence from Mobile App Developers"


    Best Paper in Entrepreneurial Cognition General Track) Finalists:

    • Daniel Blaseg, ESADE, "Mitigating Entrepreneurial Over-Optimism: Examining the Effects of Providing Reference Values"
    • Romain Boulongne, IESE, "A cognitive and analogical approach to the performance evaluations of hybrid organizations"
    • Xi Chen, University of Nottingham Ningbo, "Too Much of Two Good Things: The Curvilinear Effects of Self-Efficacy and Feedback Seeking in Entrepreneurship"
    • Hart Posen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "The Impact of Learning and Overconfidence on Entrepreneurial Entry and Exit"
    • Jacqueline Kirtley, Wharton, "What is a pivot? Explaining when and how entrepreneurial firms decide to make strategic change and pivot"
    • Rebecca Preller, Technical University of Munich, "Entrepreneurial visions in founding teams: Conceptualization, emergence, and effects on opportunity development"

    These awards are sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and include a plaque and an honorarium for the winners. 

    A special thanks to the awards committee members: Melissa Cardon, Matthew Grimes, Hamza Khan, Patrizia Vecchi, and Michele Williams


    A warm congratulations to all!

    Naomi B. Rothman

    MOC Division Program Chair

    Naomi Rothman
    Associate Professor
    Lehigh University