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MOC PDWs & Connecting Social - July 30th Deadlines

  • 1.  MOC PDWs & Connecting Social - July 30th Deadlines

    Posted 07-28-2020 22:20

    MOC Executive Committee is excited to share some updates about our evolving program!  

    PDWs and Consortia

    We are offering all our "in the rough" PDWs this year as well as two additional PDWs. We will use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous formats so as to account for time zone differences, potential technical issues, etc.

    Cognition in the Rough

    This is our "developing a research project" PDW in which you can discuss your research in an informal, collegial roundtable (aka virtual breakout table) setting with leading scholars on MOC topics. Pre-registration is required. Deadline for submission is July 30th. The session will be held asynchronously in early August. We are very pleased that the following scholars have agreed to participate: Neal Ashkanasy, Michelle Barton, Andrea Casey, Marlys Christianson, Kevin Corley, Erik Dane, Viktor Dorfler, Janet Dukerich, Colin Fisher, Margaret Gorman, Gerard Hodgkinson, Jennifer Kish-Gephart, Theresa Lant, Sean Martin, Luis Martins, Alyson Meister, Stephen Mezias, Chet Miller, Frances Milliken, Mandy O'Neill, Kevin Rockmann, Sim Sitkin, David Sluss, Subra Tangirala, and Jeff Thompson. More information is available here.

    Diamonds in the Rough

    This is our "developing a scholar" PDW. This year, the focus will be on supporting junior scholars as they contemplate their market/career opportunities in 2020 and beyond. The virtual panel discussion will be held "live" during the annual meeting and is open to all. Morela Hernandez (Virginia), Dave Mayer (Michigan), and Eero Vaara (Oxford) will discuss how they forged their paths and the obstacles they faced, as well as what they think the future will hold for hiring in our field. The virtual breakout table will be held asynchronously and will require pre-registration. This year's facilitators are Garry Adams (Auburn), Sue Ashford (Michigan), Marla Baskerville (Northeastern), Anne Bowers (Toronto), Teresa Cardador (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Gwendolyn Combs (Nebraska), Dan Halgin (Kentucky), Tina Opie (Babson), Mike Pratt (Boston College), Kristie Rogers (Marquette), Andre Spicer (City U. London), Maxim Sytch (Michigan), Kenneth Tai (Singapore Management), Eero Vaara (Oxford), Maxim Voronov (York), and April Wright (Queensland). Deadline for submission is July 30th. More information is available here.  

    Reviewing in the Rough

    This is our "developing reviewing skills" PDW in which you will have the opportunity to gain key insights about the review process and quality reviewing from Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members at leading journals in our field. The session will be held synchronously during the annual meeting. Pre-registration is required. We are thrilled to have many outstanding scholars participating including (in alphabetical order): Laurie Barclay, Matthew Grimes, Cristiano Guarana, Violet Ho, Ronald Humphrey, Hana Johnson, Shal Khazanchi, Christopher Myers, Burak Oc, Michael Pratt, Christian Resick, and Kristie Rogers.

    Submit completed reviews before July 30th. More information is available here.

    Presenting in the Rough 

    This is our "developing presenting skills" PDW in which you will learn new strategies from a group of experts to improve your presenting abilities. The theme for this year is "Using storytelling to enhance your presentations" and will include presentations from experts and a synchronous interactive discussion. Panelists will present on specific topics such as using stories to set the "hook" and to present qualitative data, incorporating your own personal story and the life stories of research participants, and integrating compelling visual figures. The following scholars will serve as panelists: Blake Ashforth (Arizona State University); Sally Maitlis (University of Oxford); Ryan Raffaelli (Harvard Business School); Ashleigh Shelby Rosette (Duke University). Pre-registration is not required. More information is availablehere.

    Teaching in the Rough

    This is our "developing classroom activities/exercises" PDW in which you will learn about concrete, interactive activities that you can put to use right away in your classes. The session will be held synchronously during the annual meeting. We have a great line-up of expert faculty instructors who will be sharing cognition-related teaching ideas on a variety of topics. Participants can join virtual breakout rooms to "sit in" on three 20-minute round-table sessions. Pre-registration is not required. More information is available here.

    NEW: Entrepreneurial Cognition

    In addition to the above, we also plan to launch our first ever "Entrepreneurial Cognition" PDW, thanks to a sponsorship from the Kauffman Foundation. The purpose of the PDW is to identify and share promising research in the area of entrepreneurship and cognition. We are pleased to announce two annual awards for promising research on this topic - the Best Paper and the Best Student Paper awards. The award winners will receive $1000. More information is available here.

    Content and Text Analysis in Organizational Research: Techniques and Applications 

    This is a two-part PDW. Part 1 offers presentations that discuss content and text analysis as a research methodology. Part 1 will be offered synchronously ("live") as part of the AOM Annual Meeting program. Pre-registration is not required. In Part 2, experts and authors will discuss submitted proposals. Part 2 will be offered asynchronously and requires a submission of a 2-page proposal. More information will be available via the MOC Discussion on Connect@AOM very soon, or by contacting the organizers.

    MOC Social Event

    We are excited to offer our social event, MOC Connecting, this year. This is an informal event in which you will have the opportunity to connect virtually with established scholars on both MICRO and MACRO topics in MOC-related areas. In this session, there will be virtual break-out rooms allowing for small group discussions. You can discuss your research ideas, what's currently hot in your field, and even make predictions about what will be the next big thing. We have signed an all-star list of scholars for various micro and macro topics, including: Identity and Identification (Blake Ashforth, Heather Vough), Moods and Emotions (Olivia (Mandy) O'Neill, Nick Wang), Ambivalence (Kristie Rogers, Naomi Rothman), Organizational Image/Reputation (Mike Pfarrer, Don Lange), Careers and Callings (Jennifer Tosti-Kharas, Shoshana Dobrow Riza), Work-Life Interface (Elaine Hollensbe, Sung Doo Kim), Social Media/Technology in the Workplace (Rhonda Reger, Michael Etter), Entrepreneurship (Michele Williams), Intuition/Imagination (Erik Dane) etc!  

    To enable the richest connections possible, pre-registration is required. Sign up at the below link to choose the topic for which you would like to join the discussion by 2nd August 2020: Click Here to Register for MOC Connecting 2020

    "MOC thinking about…" Virtual Series *Updated Information*

    Join us on August 4 for the next webinar in our seminar series:

    Antiracism, Allyship, and Authenticity: Building Internal Capacity for Institutional Change

    August 4, 2020

    1:00 - 2:30 PM EDT

    Click here to learn more

    We had three panels in the first half of 2020, all of which were recorded and are now available for viewing on our website: 

    · "Coping and Resilience During the Pandemic" (May 20th)

    · "Race, Justice, and Equity in the Workplace and Beyond: A Call to Action" (June 16th)

    · Unlocking Resources fro Recovery, Renewal and Resilience (July 20th)

    We will be in touch with additional information about our program. We promise that as things evolve, you'll hear from us. If there is anything we can do to help, you can always reach out to us. We promise to "help you think about it". 



    Naomi Rothman

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    Academy of Management

    Naomi Rothman
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