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EGOS sub-theme on play at work

  • 1.  EGOS sub-theme on play at work

    Posted 12-23-2020 08:21
    Hey everyone,
    We are excited to share that for EGOS 2021, we are convening a sub-theme on play in organizations (sub-theme #35), titled "Inclusion of Play in Work Organizations: a Hitch or a Prize?" Organizational researchers are showing a growing interest in play as a prevalent organizational behavior with important benefits and potential tensions. We know there is a lot of exciting ongoing research on play out there, and we want to invite anybody doing empirical or conceptual work related to play or games in organizations to submit a short paper to our track. Our hope is to use this track not only to help develop each other's research, but also to continue to build community among researchers interested in play. It promises to be a playful experience!
    The EGOS Colloquium will be on July 8-10, 2021, and will be held virtually (so anybody can join!). The deadline for submission of short papers is January 12, 2021.
    Here is a link to the full description of our sub-theme. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 
    We look forward to connecting with you and playing with ideas together!
    Subtheme #35 Convening Team
    Lyndon Garrett, Boston College
    Jinia Mukerjee Nath, Montpellier Business School
    Sarah Harvey, University College London

    Lyndon Garrett
    Boston College
    Ann Arbor MI
    (617) 552-8288