The Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division (MOC) Division is devoted to understanding individual, relational, and collective cognition in organizational contexts. We are open to and provide innovative developmental support for a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to studying managerial and organizational cognition. In studying cognition at multiple levels MOC members’ specific topic areas include, but are not restricted to: social construction, culture and cognition, the nature and role of mental models and representations, judgment and decision making, attribution processes, individual differences, non-conscious forms of cognition (e.g. intuition), cognitive institutionalism, emotion, ideology, identity / identification, image, reputation, sense making / meaning making, symbols and artifacts, categorization, knowledge creation and management, individual learning, organizational learning and memory, and communities of practice.








 2016-2017 Officers


Spencer Harrison
Division Chair

Morela Hernandez
Program Chair

Brianna Caza
PDW Chair

Erin Reid

Karoline Strauss

Heather Vough

John Paul Stephens

Laura Illia
Int'l Representative-at-Large

Beth Devine
Student Representative-at-Large

Richard Blackburn

Kerrie Unsworth

Alexander Bolinger
Ambassador Team Lead

Cristiano Guarana
Communications Manager

Charles Watson
COGNET Manager