The Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division (MOC) Division is devoted to understanding individual, relational, and collective cognition in organizational contexts. We are open to and provide innovative developmental support for a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to studying managerial and organizational cognition. In studying cognition at multiple levels MOC members’ specific topic areas include, but are not restricted to: social construction, culture and cognition, the nature and role of mental models and representations, judgment and decision making, attribution processes, individual differences, non-conscious forms of cognition (e.g. intuition), cognitive institutionalism, emotion, ideology, identity / identification, image, reputation, sense making / meaning making, symbols and artifacts, categorization, knowledge creation and management, individual learning, organizational learning and memory, and communities of practice.







2017-2018 Officers

Morela Hernandez
Division Chair
Daniella Laureiro-Martinez
Int'l Representative-at-Large
Brianna Caza
Program Chair
Keimei Sugiyama
Student Representative-at-Large
Abhijeet Vadera
PDW Chair
Richard Blackburn
Erin Reid
Kerrie Unsworth
Karoline Strauss
Alexander Bolinger
Ambassador Team Lead
Aimee Hamilton
Andrew Carton
Representative by Appointment
Stephanie Creary
Cristiano Guarana
Communications Manager
Charles Watson
COGNET Manager