2017 Frontiers in Managerial and Organizational Cognition and

Technology and Innovation Management  Conference 


Zurich, Switzerland 
June 29th to June 30th 2017

Supported by:
MOC and TIM divisions of AOM
ETH Zurich


We are pleased to convene an exciting two-day conference, from June 29th to 30th 2017, dedicated to furthering research at the crossroads of managerial and organizational cognition and technology and innovation management – The MOC & TIM Conference. The host this year will be ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


The concept is simple and compelling: a casual, low-key, yet energizing, research-focused, developmentally oriented meeting of managerial and organizational cognition scholars that also share a passion to explain organizational innovation, change, entrepreneurship and/or learning. Through this venue, we aim to advance our collective scholarship and to build a stronger worldwide community of MOC and TIM scholars.


The conference kicks off with the “Frontiers in the Rough” (FIR) workshop the morning of June 29. The idea is to emulate the popular “Cognition in the Rough” format known from the annual Academy of Management Conference, but with even more time for feedback, inspiration and thought exchange. Groups of 3 to 4 individuals will review and comment on each other’s work. Following this developmental format, the authors of these papers will have the opportunity to present their ongoing work on the evening of June 29 in a poster session along with a flying dinner to discuss further thoughts and connect with other conference participants in a relaxed atmosphere.


Submission deadline for regular or FIR papers is Friday, February 17, 2017. We look forward to welcome you in Switzerland in the summer of 2017!


On behalf of the conference committee and ETH Zurich,


Philipp Bubenzer


Conference Committee:

Stefano Brusoni

Philipp Bubenzer

Marc Gruber

Laura Illia

Nicole Rosenkranz

David Sluss

Kristian Sund

Mary Tripsas




The Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division (MOC) studies how organizational members model reality and how such models interact with their behaviors. In joining forces with the Technology and Innovation Management Division (TIM) we encourage papers at the crossroads of both. This event aims to explore the frontiers of socio-cognitive and socio-psychological research as it relates to innovative processes.


Major topics of interest to both divisions include attention, attribution, decision making, identity, ideology, information processing, innovation, creativity, learning, memory, mental representations and images, categories, cognitive frames, perceptual and interpretive processes, social construction, social dilemmas, and change. Interesting new frontiers submissions might take a number of different forms. An indicative list includes, but is not limited to, work that:

-Pushes our understanding of both individual and organization cognition

-Explores explicitly the multilevel nature of managerial decision-making processes

-Considers the 'dark side' of cognition in organizations

-Considers a broad set of methodological approaches


Submissions will be organized around four major tracks, chaired by experienced scholars working at the intersection of cognition and innovation processes:


Track 1: Cognition, attention, and mental models in innovation processes

Rhonda Reger                Sucheta Nadkarni.

Rhonda Reger                 Sucheta Nadkarni


Track 2: Categorization, identification and identity in innovation processes

Peter Foreman        Kevin Corley

Peter Foreman                  Kevin Corley


Track 3: Decision making, (social) innovation and ethics

Bart Clarysse         Antonino Vaccaro

Bart Clarysse                     Antonino Vaccaro


Track 4: Stability, learning and innovative change

Mary Tripsas                Georg von Krogh

Mary Tripsas                     Georg von Krogh


For more details, please refer to the conference website: http://www.moc-tim-conference2017.ethz.ch/programme/tracks.html



Submissions for Paper Sessions

We are committed to providing a forum for high quality conceptual and empirical papers across the full spectrum of topics that advance the frontiers of managerial and organizational cognition as they relate to innovation processes.


Manuscripts can be submitted in short or full paper formats. Short papers should comprise around 10 pages or 5’000 words. Full papers should not exceed 30 pages or 15’000 words. The word count for both formats includes all text in the charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. and references. Please use double spacing and 11 point font or larger. Both formats must be accompanied by a max. 150 word abstract as well as 3-5 keywords for inclusion in the Conference Program.



Only original, unpublished work is sought. Any proposal submitted to present identical or substantially similar work already published, under review for another conference or publication will not be considered or might be subject to exclusion at any time before the conference.



Only electronic submissions of papers will be accepted and a maximum of two (2) manuscripts, either as an author or a co-author, may be submitted. Files are easiest to handle if submitted in PDF format. MS Word will also be accepted. The title should be listed in the header of each page.


Please submit your paper per email to Ms. Amulya Tata at atata@ethz.ch. Please be sure to indicate in the subject field whether you want your paper to be considered for Frontiers-in-the-Rough or for a paper session.


All manuscripts received by the deadline date are deemed as original and final. Therefore, the following will not be accepted after the deadline of February 17, 2017 has expired:
Rewrites. Additional authors. Changes to titles, abstracts, or the order of authors.


Track and Session Format

When submitting a manuscript please indicate a conference track that you think is the best fit for your work, but please take note that the review committee may change the original presentation category at its discretion.


Blind Review Process

Submissions to the conference will be reviewed by a panel of reviewers for inclusion in the program. Our intention is to attract the best quality papers, with a view toward offering developmental feedback to facilitate ultimate journal publication. To preserve anonymity, author names should NOT be identified in header/footer or in the body of the paper. Authors should be referred to in the text or notes in the third person only.

Everyone who submits also agrees to serve as a reviewer for a maximum of two proposals if asked by the conference committee.


Submissions for “Frontiers in the Rough” Workshop

In addition to soliciting work for presentation that is at a more advanced stage of development, a differentiating hallmark of this conference when compared with many similar conferences is the high quality developmental feedback we will provide to work-in-progress. The first conference day will feature a unique combination of peer review and discussion to help you advance your work at the frontiers of managerial and organizational cognition applied to the field of technology and innovation management. Also, we are not limiting the workshop to journal articles only, but you may, for instance, also submit a book chapter that is in progress.


Should you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity, please submit preliminary work including the topic and key research questions, the theoretical framework and model (if applicable), proposed methods, any results to date, and expected contributions. You may submit only one piece of work-in-progress, and should plan to spend the morning workshop on that piece, before presenting it in the evening at the poster session. Once your work-in-progress has been accepted you will be assigned to a group of 3-4 scholars, who will review each other’s work and provide feedback to each other in the morning of the workshop. You should therefore be prepared to read up to three works-in-progress prior to the conference. We will also pair you with at least one senior scholar with relevant experience.


Scholars at all levels (PhD students through to senior professors) are most welcome to submit their work. In order to facilitate the review process, we will accept submissions of 5-20 pages of work-in-progress, but no more, in Word or PDF.




- Submission by email is open 

- Submission deadline for full papers and Frontiers in the Rough: Friday, February 17, 2017

- Notification of acceptance: Monday, March 20, 2017

- Registration opens: Monday, March 20, 2017

- Early-Bird Registration ends: Friday, March 31, 2017 (Early bird: 425 CHF)

- Final registration deadline: Friday, May 19, 2017 (Full price: 500 CHF)





This event will take place on the campus of ETH Zurich, in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. The conference fee will be CHF 425 (€390) early bird and after March 31, CHF 500 (€ 460) full price. More details can be found on the conference website: http://www.moc-tim-conference2017.ethz.ch/





    Stefano Brusoni                           Philipp Bubenzer                         Marc Gruber                         Laura Illia

 Stefano Brusoni                           Philipp Bubenzer                                 Marc Gruber                                       Laura Illia

   ETH Zurich                                      ETH Zurich                                             EPFL                                          IE Business School


Nicole Rosenkranz                             David Sluss                            Kristian Sund                           Mary Tripsas

Nicole Rosenkranz                          David Sluss                                       Kristian Sund                                      Mary Tripsas

   ETH Zurich                                    Georgia Tech                                Roskilde University                              Boston College




For logistics, technical or admin-related questions (incl. submissions):  Amulya Tata

Chair of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)

ETH Zurich | D-MTEC | Weinbergstrasse 56/58 | WEV H 305 | 8006 Zurich | Switzerland

Email: atata@ethz.ch, Phone: +41 44 632 98 97


For content- related questions (conference tracks, FIR workshop):  Philipp Bubenzer

Chair of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)

ETH Zurich | D-MTEC, Weinbergstrasse 56/58 | WEV 426 | 8006 Zurich | Switzerland

Email: pbubenzer@ethz.ch