Are you interested in becoming an MOC blogger? Below is some information on how the blogs work. If you’re interested in participating please contact the MOC Representative at Large Heather Vough (  We’d love to hear from you.


What topics can blogs be about? MOC blogs are written by members for members and cover a range of cognition, career and developmental material. Some topic ideas we have are:

  1. Interviews with the authors of great MOC related papers
  2. Advice gathered from scholars on topics such as getting papers published, surviving the tenure process, thriving at work, teaching cognition. One idea for this is a set of “top ten tips lists”.
  3. Reflections of members participation in MOC “in the rough” PDWs

We would welcome other suggestions!

Who can write blogs? Any members of MOC (student, faculty and practitioner) can write or engage others in writing the blogs.

How will blogs be distributed to members? Blogs would be distributed to all members via our new email system hosted by INFORMS. They will also be posted on our new MOC Website. We would aim for a minimum of four blogs a year, although would be happy to publish one a month if we get enough contributors.


What is the format of the blogs? The MOC has designed a standard format for the blogs. We welcome blog posts that range from 300 - 700 words. We are open to different forms of blogs. One possible template follows, but let your creativity run wild:

  1. I’m thinking about it: The blog title and a brief description of the topic (10 - 70 words)
  2. Thinking it through: The main content (150 - 500 words)
  3. For you to Think about: Conclusion (50 - 150 words)